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South to East Journey: Part 1-South

22 Sep

The first leg of our flight was PDX-Vegas. Once we arrived at the Vegas airport we played some slots (the Star Wars ones of course). Won $20 and used it on some beverages. We had decided on the cheaper flight plan, which translates to more layovers to get from Portland to Huntsville Alabama. Not that there were any DIRECT flights to Huntsville to choose from. Our flight from Vegas to Houston, TX was delayed because “the engines weren’t working right” but after 45 minutes sitting in the plane they decided to let us know it wasn’t the engine that flies the plane, it’s the engine that powers it while it’s sitting…..yikes. We arrived in Houston to find we’d missed our connection to Huntsville. They put on the next flight (2 hours later), and we called Dan to let him know we’d be much later than planned.

But we got there! And our bad moods were quickly fixed by hanging out with our great friend Dan! Tuscumbia Alabama is a pretty beautiful place. The Tennessee river flows through town, the Northern Alabama University has actual lions on campus and I am not one for BBQ but daaaaaaammmnnnn that sandwich was good. The air is wonderfully thick-the feel and sounds.

Dan drove us all over and then we headed back to his house for some dinner. His family owns the house and it really is on the only hill in the area (at least the only I could see for MILES). There’s an old bell, a water tower, and a view of….well….what looked like all of Alabama. We climbed the water tower and drank beers. Even though Brendan and I rock climbing, it was pretty intimidating without a rope. It was awesome. Dan made us homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and cornbread. We drank The Pines wine we had given him the last time he was out to see us. And then we just sat on the porch and chatted while we watched a couple late fireflies.

We had quite the excursion the next day trying to find a rental car which we’ll hit more of that story in Part II. We wanted to spend so much more time with Dan in Alabama but we had to make it up to D.C. by the next morning so we got our rental car headed up through Nashville and up to D.C. In Nashville we stopped by The Grand Ole Opry and in an awesome twist of events got to visit with The Bovee family (my first grade teacher). And to top off the long lovely drive, we drove through the Cumberland Gap towards Johnson City, Tennessee (thanks OCMS). The first leg of the journey was over, we arrived home in Centreville @ 5a.m.


It’s been Ages

12 Sep

It looks like the both of us managed to go the whole summer without posting. We managed to have 3 days off a week together, but our adventures consisted mainly of gardening, vineyard work, work on my Masters, and a couple small travels.

The vineyard looks great, the garden does too. And we managed 1 grand trip from Alabama to Baltimore which I will post more on later.