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Here comes the sun…

24 Jun

The middle school is finally out for the summer, we have intermittent June sun & showers, and the summer crowd is slowly arriving. The last few weeks have been especially busy as school ended and I picked up shifts at Alma Terra, and B took on an acre and a half of vineyard. Our first fly fishing trip of season is planned for next week up at Goose Lake, we’re hoping to build some more skills in that this summer.

Our chickens are finally out of the house! How is it that watching chickens can be so entertaining and enjoyable? They’re not as interactive as dogs, but it’s like they have a better understanding of the moment than other animals. Some days it would certainly be nice for my only worry to be to scratch at the ground and get really excited when those big tall things bring some oats or compost over. B built a great chicken run for them. And my whole family pitched in to help, Dad and Donna came over. And my brother stopped in and helped as well. “Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

We’ve managed to get a few paddles in, but it has definitely been better for the kiters and windsurfers.