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Spring Wonderland

22 Mar

Just when we thought Spring was here, the snow keeps on coming! Fortunately it didn’t hit quite as hard as it did in January when we spent a good week grinding coffee by hand and cooking everything on our wood burning stove, as fun as that was.

It still feels like Tarnna and I hardly see each other as much as we both work, although Tarnna has dropped one of her part time jobs for a little more free time (and sanity) in order to pursue her teaching credential. She is currently taking one final online history class before she can get into the program. Wish her luck! History was never my strong suit…I was always better with math; formulas and a way to check your work. I suppose that could be one reason I enjoy baking bread so much, besides the fact that it tastes so yummy in my belly, is that it deals with fermentation and a little bit of simple percentages and formulas. Not to mention, even though baking is a science to a certain extent and you need to get the proportions correct, there is the whole artisan aspect of creating something original and making it your own, and the feel of kneading the bread and knowing when it’s ready. I’m still on a creative kick from last summer when we signed up for a pottery class and I felt that enjoyment of doing something artistic and creating something from scratch.

On that note, we have finally started some very rough drafts of planting another garden! We failed very miserably on our first garden when we lived in Napa, and last Spring we didn’t know really where we would be living in any given month while looking for jobs, so we missed out on planting. This year we will be trying a lot of the same stuff: tomatoes, onions, beets, garlic, bell peppers, pole beans, and a wide assortment of lettuces and herbs. I can’t wait to make some homemade pizza dough, homemade pizza sauce from our own tomatoes, and nice fresh veggies from the garden for toppings. A lot of work for something you can buy at the store for $4.99, but totally worth it.

Our little newspaper seedling pots!


Thyme and tomato starts

So both of us are definitely keeping busy while the weather stays cool, trying to save up some cash, for the wedding of course, but also because once summer hits we are changing the schedules around to get two, maybe even THREE days off together to get out into nature for some backpacking, fly fishing, rock climbing, you name it. It’s time to explore all of the amazing hikes and lakes that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. I spent last summer playing catch-up financially from a little bit of unemployment after the move. Not this summer!!