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Back to Basics

23 Feb

Another long period between posts. Between both of us working 2 jobs (and B working 7 days a week), it’s hard to take time to post. But between the times we work we have had some adventures worth sharing. Aside from the most exciting part of the last month (being engaged) we had an INSANE snow storm. A good 2+ feet of snow and 3+ inches of ice on top meant a week off of work stuck in the greenhouse for us. But it’s hard to complain when you’re with the person you love.

It was nicer and more interesting than I expected. The power was out and B cooked bread, rice & chicken all on top of the wood stove. Thank goodness for the kindness of our absent neighbor letting us steal firewood. The whole week was really about getting back to basics. No power and all sorts of free time. We cooked, knit, read books, played with the pups, it was a really great experience.

Following the ice storm there has been a lot of damage. Luckily no ones houses in our area, just 1 barn taken out by a tree and lots of mailboxes knocked over from the ice and wind. Our favorite hiking trail has about 15 trees down. Naturally that doesn’t stop Chewie.

We also got a visit from the always delightful Dan Gordon. An evening of visiting, East Coast beer, local wine, and homemade pizza by B. Even though he’d been driving for almost 3 days straight he stayed awake to visit. It’s always wonderful to visit with someone so refreshing, real and down to earth. He reflects the type of people I want to surround myself with.

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