Can you feel it coming?

16 Oct

It’s not just the cooler weather, or the lack of out-of-state license plates, the surest sign of fall is the change in questions amongst the locals. Whether they are asking each other or a visitor, the questions switch from “Do you kiteboard or windsurf?” to “Do you ski or snowboard?” The sails & surfboards on the roof racks get traded for snowboards, skis, or a hitch for snowmobiles.

The winds have slowed down a bit, the mountain has a fresh coat of snow, or at least it did a week ago when the clouds parted enough to see it, and the uggs & down jackets have come out (not quite in full force). For us it means longer days for Brendan, since the grapes are finally being brought in, slower nights @ Kaze since sushi isn’t top on cold-weather-comfort food, building fires at our new wood-heated house, and wishing there was some heat around to make Chewie & Sokehs think they were tired.

So yes, fall is here. Today of course counters all of that- it’s sunny & warm and yesterday Chewbacca decided my sunglasses would be a nice snack. Harvest festival is in full swing & the traffic is what summers usually look like. Hopefully we get a solid amount of rain, like usual, but hopefully January won’t bring the 12 degrees we had last year. Altogether it’s shaping up to be a great fall & winter, mainly because we are settling into our own place.


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