8 Oct

As usual the idea in my head was much greater than what I could actually do/perform, especially once I got sick. I had the grand plan that I could work all 3 of my jobs, school, kaze, and the cinemas until December to save up some money and also to pay down some students loans & bills. After doing it for one week and then catching a bug, I’m out. Not only have I not been functioning, or played with my dogs, but I feel like I haven’t seen Brendan in a week. I put in my notice to the Cinemas which has made me exceedingly happy to not hand out movie tickets, and also sad because I really enjoy all the people I work with. I’ll be keeping the sushi job because it is a lot of fun and I only do it a few nights a week. And the school job is exactly what I hoped: more fun than I’ve had in a long time.

I forget just how excited I get teaching. Brendan took me out for dinner the other night (Stonehedge: Highly recommend it), and I spent most of the night telling him about my students and the math concepts we’re covering. Brendan just smiled at me, I’m sure he’ll get sick of me talking about math soon enough.

For instance:
The concept we covered this week in 8th grade Algebra, was exponents. 4^4=256 which is the same thing as 4x4x4x4.
But 4^0=1 Explaining this was difficult, but once they realized that if exponents are repeated multiplication, then you can work backwards using repeated division. So:
4^4 or 4x4x4x4=256
4^3 or 4x4x4=64
4^2 or 4×4=16
4^1 or 4×1=4

Needless to say, I’m having way too much fun.


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