Winter is Coming!

7 Oct

I haven’t written in a while, so I will try to recap what Tarnna and I have been up to in the past few months. To start, Tarnna got a teaching job! YAAAYYY! Tarnna took a year off in college to teach second graders on Pohnpei island in Micronesia and has been trying to get back into the classroom ever since. She has been looking into and applying for teaching credential programs so that she can get her Masters. She is still looking, but in the meantime this job opportunity was thrown her way (thank you Hatti!) and was accepted as a para-educator working full time as a teachers aide in Stevenson, WA. the town is on the other side of the Columbia River about 20 minutes west of Hood River. As wonderful as this new development is, the downside is that now between the two of us we are working 5 jobs and hardly get to see each other. She works at the school Monday-Friday until about 3 or 4, manages the local cinema in the evening about 4 nights a week, and works as a part time server at Kaze, a very delicious sushi restaurant. I am still working at a downtown wine tasting room, but tomorrow harvest will start at Domaine Pouillon, so I will be back to 7 days a week working anywhere from 12-16hr days processing grapes. It doesn’t matter if you love what you’re doing, 16 hours of hard manual labor is a long day.


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