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Little Chewbacca

9 Sep

So this post has nothing to do with anything, I just found one of the first videos I took of the pups when we lived in Napa and couldn’t believe that Chewie was ever this tiny so I had to post it. For those of you that don’t know Chewie just take a glance at my Facebook photos and you can see what a monster he has become.

Untitled from Brendan Simpers on Vimeo.


Paddle, paddle, paddle…..

9 Sep

Something I’ve been wanting for a long time is a surfboard. But seeing as there is no surf here in Hood River-but lots of water-I’ve been eyeing stand-up paddle boards. Especially since we’ve both started fly fishing, we’ve been thinking that fishing and getting a workout on the paddle board would be really fun. 2nd Wind finally put their demo boards on sale so we did it! And today was the best day to go out-glassy water & nobody out. It was beautiful. We went fairly early before B had to work so it was nice and quiet out. Since we only have 1 board, we took turns playing with the dogs or paddling down to Wells Island and back. It’s a good core workout and creates good balance, but even more than that, when the water is glassy and it’s quiet and you’re just focusing on the paddle, breathing, and balancing, it relaxes you even more. Watching the tiny ripples in the water, seeing the random strands of seaweed, and waving to the fisherman at the Hook is all very calming. Plus jumping in when you reach Wells gives a crisp little refreshment.


It’s a wonderful way to start the day and I’m hoping for an Indian Summer so we can start our day like this until it’s too cold to go out!

Another added perk is that it wears Chewie out, which is very difficult to do. Sokehs wore out quickly and rode along.

Rock Climbing

1 Sep

Hello! And welcome to my first post on the blog for Tarnna and I and the adventures we’ve been sharing together. Something we have been meaning to do for a while.

Today’s blog is about our first outdoor rock climbing adventure together, long over due. Tarnna has been climbing far longer than I have, but I have really gotten into it since meeting her. We never really had the opportunity to climb together at first when we lived in Napa because we didn’t own all the proper equipment and let’s face it, there wasn’t much else to do besides food and wine in the valley (silly complaint, I know). We have since moved to Hood River this past January, arguably the extreme sport capital of the world with no shortage of wind surfing, kite boarding, paragliding, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, etc.

The first few months in Hood River, given that we still didn’t have enough equipment to climb outdoors and the fact that it rains A LOT in the winter, we spent our free time traveling into Portland to use the indoor climbing gyms. The advantages of the indoor gym being that you escape any harsh elements, and you get to use all of their equipment; the disadvantages being that you have to pay every time you go – a small fee compared to investing in your own rope, but over time definitely more expensive.

Today marked the day that we completed our ensemble of rock climbing gear and used well-earned and long-saved money to purchase our very own rope! We celebrated by driving to the nearest crag to practice setting up anchors, top-roping, and repelling. The following video is Tarn packing the rope up after said adventure. I unfortunately couldn’t take a video of her actually climbing because it was only the two of us and I decided to focus more on belaying her and making sure she didn’t fall. Safety first!

Untitled from Tarnna White on Vimeo.

Untitled from Tarnna White on Vimeo.

A picture of the past

1 Sep

It finally got warm and then has been very cold the last couple of days. To remind myself that it’s not as cold as I think it is, I looked at old pictures, especially this one of Brendan in the snow at our cabin in Napa back in January.