River: Hazy

16 Aug
River: Hazy

River: Windy

23 Jul
River: Windy

Go anywhere

27 May

10 years ago I volunteered to teach 2nd grade in Pohnpei Micronesia. And now those 2nd graders are graduating and I am so stoked and so proud of them. They are an awesome bunch and they are gonna do really amazing things in the world. 2nd grade


16 May

I have this little infatuation with water. Which is funny because I was never the person who enjoyed water growing up. As a kid I loved it, but I rarely drank water and as I hit puberty I did not want to wear a swimsuit. But water is oh so sweet and as I’ve grown into a deep love of the way water affects everything in life. Our bodies are 60%-70% water. We all need water and can conserve and use water wisely, even in places of plenty.

And I just love fish.

Water & Fish

Water & Fish

SUP Adventure List

13 May


>Add to that all the places I’ll discover and explore along the way.

Here’s to rainy days and adventure planning.

Baby workout

9 May

The baby workout I’ve been doing. There are actual workouts out there that you do with your baby, or even use your baby (baby bicep curls?) but this is my version of a baby workout. I do it on the nights Brendan puts Olu to bed and I take the dogs out. The problem was trying to get a workout in when you’ve already eaten half your dinner and the dogs need a walk/hike and the sun is setting and you need to get home to get stuff done-here we go.

  1. Start walking. Get your blood moving. The place I take the pups is off-leash (although Chewie was jerk to a sweet little lab and the owner was sort of angry. 😦 Next time, leash just in case) and it is downhill the first mile, and back to the car is uphill. This lets me get warmed well, I walk the whole way to the turn around. Besides there are huge benefits of just walking.
  2. Lunges. I do 10 lunges-5 per leg-and then walk a bit. 10 lunges, then walk a bit. Instead of focusing on doing a ton, I focus on doing them correctly.
  3. After I have done a few sets of lunges, I do high knees. This exercise wears me out, even as a kid I remember doing a PE station with high knees and I would be breathless in no time. If you are really into running this exercise is a game changer.
  4. Sometimes I do some jumps onto a large log to finish off my hike. Or I might finish with a sprint up the hill.
Log jumps

Log jumps

The great thing about a baby workout like this is you can do it anywhere, in your backyard or out on the sidewalk. Moving is important so even if you just run up and down your apartment stairs a couple of times it counts.

Winter Essentials

18 Apr

My winter essentials for paddling are over on No&Yo’s blog. http://www.noandyo.com/cold-weather-paddleboarding-essentials/

Cold Paddle

Local Foray

12 Apr

I get this crazy travel itch sometimes and then I remember-oh yah, we live in a really incredible place and I have almost limitless exploring possibilities. HR Valley

Sick days

2 Mar

Sick days should never be on weekends. 2 out of 3 of us are down for the count so I’m pinning remedies late at night.


Good Love

20 Jan

You gotta be careful when you’ve got good love
Cause the angels will just keep on multiplying

-Jack Johnson

The adventures just keep on coming. This little wonder is our newest adventure. She’s an awesome little ball of energy that has both B & I wrapped around her finger.

image image(1)

Along with growing a baby, we’ve been growing Willow Wine Cellars as much as possible! Our families have been working tirelessly with us through harvest and as the wine sits in barrel.

We’ve done a little traveling but have tried to explore more locally with baby Olu. Cheers to more adventures to come!